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Do you remember when spending a beautiful day playing a round of golf was one of the most productive business meeting tools you could use.  I have fond memories of not only getting some pretty significant business accomplished on the golf course, but building relationships that remain strong to this day.  These recollections made me think about how busy we all are, and how we seem to come up with every conceivable excuse for why we can’t put one or two days aside to MEET, away from the noise and stress of it all.  AND WELL, a corporate golf event is a great way to do just that!

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Get Married on the Florida Coast

If your dream wedding involves saying your vows barefoot, on a picture-perfect beach, the good news is that you can do this without having to travel very far. Do gentle ocean breezes, radiant sun beams, salty air and snow-white sand sound like paradise? You’ll find all this and more at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club, set on 125 tropical acres along the Gulf of Mexico.

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Summer is just around the corner so it’s time to start planning your summer family getaway, right? Of all the seasons, we are convinced that summer rocks the most – wouldn’t you agree?  Everyone loves summer and not only do people just seem happier, but it’s always that time of year when families seem completely devoted to leisure and good times with those they love most. A laid back time of the year that is perfect for vacationing or a short getaway to that perfect destination.

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Does your obsession with health, wellness and fitness tend to ruin your vacation? It doesn’t have to.

Yes, we really do understand the constant tug of war; vacation is a time to indulge…to break away from the routine and embark on everything new and exciting that a resort and destination have to offer. But health, wellness and fitness don’t have to fall by the wayside when you’re traveling, at least at The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club.

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Summer, It’s Just Getting Started

Too often we write about summer in late May or early June and then immediately move on to other things…other subjects. But here in July, there is still so much summer left to enjoy.  For so many, summer is a time when their family feels most alive. Do you feel that way? It’s a time when we are inspired to seek out new adventures, to explore, to make memories at the beach, to discover the simple joys of nature around us, to bond with your wife or husband or kids, to bring a renewed spark to love, life and anything that brings happiness.

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Spring Break

Who doesn’t love spring break?  The very name speaks of everything that’s good in life: gorgeous weather after a long winter and a chance to get away from the everyday routine of work and school. Wouldn’t you agree there’s something especially sweet about leaving your snow-covered backyard for the beach and somewhere warm like Naples Florida?  Or if you’re further south and not dealing with snow, you might just be looking to avoid the swarms of college kids with a spring-break trip to a family-friendly destination.

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Let The New Golf Rounds Begin

It’s open!

The new Jack Nicklaus redesigned championship golf course is open for all to come and enjoy. And if you are anything like the golfers who have played the new course so far, you’ll want to join in the excitement. This is really cool folks, so don’t miss out on being part of history. Whether you are a local, traveling for vacation, or planning your next company retreat or meeting, The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club is an exceptional choice.

We can’t begin to describe how much we think you will love playing this new championship golf course. The course has been redesigned to challenge the best players but also be enjoyable for all golfers, and smartly takes advantage of the sandy soils so the course plays firm, fast and fair; your ball will roll well, and your tee shots will go longer.  Imagine approaches to the greens that are open and that accept running shots.  

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The Holiday Party

The holiday party season is upon us, and it seems at every turn and on every radio station we’re constantly reminded “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”  And it can be, if you do some planning. In reality, holiday parties are often a source of stress.  Plus many employers have said “bah humbug” to the company holiday party. It’s easy to understand why – they can be expensive, a hassle to plan, and employees have other commitments during the holidays so attendance is not always what you’d hope it would be, right?

So why should a company host a holiday party at all?

Well, despite the common complaints, The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club has annually witness several reasons to keep the party going.  Below are our top four that we’ve had director feedback on.

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Jack’s Back

The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club has been one of the premier vacation and meeting destinations for years. Soon however, after completion of a dramatic renovation and redesign of its championship golf course, the resort will be even better than ever.

As many golfers would agree, there is golf, and then there is golf at a higher level, and with the course at the AAA Four-Diamond resort being redesigned by golf icon and acclaimed course designer Jack Nicklaus, we are all looking forward to the higher level.  Are you ready for a new golf challenge in Southwest Florida?  We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are for golfers of all types to enjoy the new course, when to us; everything in the world will feel right.

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