When I was eight years old, my family left snowy New Jersey for sunny Florida. While I vaguely remember some of my time in the cold, those memories fade more and more every day. In fact, fourteen years later I’ve become a true, warm-blooded Floridian. Said differently, each winter I tend to forget about family and friends back home who are freezing and longing for the warmth I take for granted. For whatever reason I simply assume everyone enjoys the same pleasures I do year round – sun-filled days; amazing beaches nearby; a plethora of lakes just a stone’s throw away; friends with boats who hit the open sea every time they have a moment or two; that every restaurant serves the fresh catch of the day, no matter what the cuisine is; or that beach weddings are more popular than church weddings.

Can you relate?

Well, truth be told, my misguided beliefs are shattered every fall and winter when the phone begins to ring. It doesn’t matter if the call is from New York or Minneapolis, St. Louis or Pittsburgh – if it’s wintertime, they’ll be saying the same thing – I wish I was there.

Are you that caller?

Are you the one that “wishes you were here”?

If it is, quit wishing and do something about your “cold” situation. Today is the perfect time to make plans for that Florida trip you’ve been dreaming of – plus, I can quit feeling guilty.  And yes, if I have room, you are more than welcome to stay at my place. But to be honest, I think you can do better; like finding the perfect beach destination that will mean everything to you and your family. So many great beach destinations, but one of my favorites that you might want to consider is The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club. Naples, Florida is an incredible vacation destination.

So, don’t be that “I wish I was there” person.

Whether you’re with your family, your best friends, the love of your life, or traveling solo, there’s something about the sunshine and the sound of the crashing waves that renews the soul. I know, because I get to live it every day. 

It’s time to leave the cold behind. The sunshine is waiting.

See you soon.