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Connecting With Friends & Family

Connecting with family and friends is what life’s all about, right?  Reunions, mini-getaways, anniversary celebrations, 50th birthday, engagement parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, and everything in between. We also know however, it can be hard to gather the troops, find the right Naples Event Venue, and get the ball rolling.

Our advice.  Just do it.

When it comes to Events, particularly Naples Events, The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club has come to realize, after years of observing groups visiting our amazing destination, that it only gets done when someone takes charge. Friends and family talk about how wonderful it would be to gather at this or that resort, about planning that perfect get together, but nothing happens. Yet the moment someone takes charge and says how about…

  • An Event in Naples Florida
  • The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club
  • April or May or Summer
  • Beach, Pool, Sunsets, Golf, Spa, Tennis, Delectable Dining, Downtown Shopping
  • Who’s in?

Things happen. A plan to gather begins to come together. And before you know it, your group is suddenly enjoying a bit of paradise with friends and family! Importantly, know that the professional staff at The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club can assist you in planning everything your group might want to do including special themes and customized menus that will make any occasion memorable.

You will find that the gathering areas at our hotel are perfectly situated for you to spend quality time with your family and friends on your Naples, Florida vacation. Cozy and comfortable spots to connect and be together are found throughout the destination year-round. So, whether it is enjoying a gorgeous day poolside, taking a stroll on our white sand beach or settling in with a gourmet cup of coffee (or libation) as the sun sets, your group is sure to create some amazing memories.

Groups of all types and sizes have been gathering at The Naples Beach & Golf Club for more than 70 years, and the one constant is that guests always feel a sense of family, which directly reflects on the Watkins family’s love of the Naples area and the tropical paradise that they have worked hard to preserve over the years. We are confident that you too will sense that you and your group you’ve found a special place to start your own annual traditions – a place family and friends will never forget.

Let us help you plan that next gathering or Naples Event.

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