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Wellness and Vacation

Did you begin the new year talking about health and wellness?

Yes, there is the diet, the weight room, running 5 miles a day, vitamins, etc., etc., etc.  But we have an inside source that says the best way to get off to the perfect “wellness” start is to take a vacation; and more specifically, a beach vacation.

OK, sounds self-serving for The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club, not to mention that you might wonder why you’d take a vacation now when we can still see the holidays in our rear-view mirror. But think about it.  Really turning the page on “being well” takes a clear mind…a stress-free mind, and nothing can set the table better than a beach vacation.  You know we’re right.

It’s getting harder and harder to make time for wellness in daily life, so before you allow the new year to get on top of you, well, get on top of it. Demanding jobs and busy schedules leave little time for self-care, and this is the year to remedy that. Luckily, hotels and resorts like The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club are making it easier than ever for travelers to incorporate wellness into their vacations – spa treatments, yoga, fitness center, golf, tennis, walking on the beach, swimming (beach and pool) – the perfect place for relaxation, wellbeing and inner peace.

Not convinced?

You should be.  Give it some thought. Your body will be glad.

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