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Does your obsession with health, wellness and fitness tend to ruin your vacation? It doesn’t have to.

Yes, we really do understand the constant tug of war; vacation is a time to indulge…to break away from the routine and embark on everything new and exciting that a resort and destination have to offer. But health, wellness and fitness don’t have to fall by the wayside when you’re traveling, at least at The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club. From exercising in the open air to special spa treatments and taking care of your skin in the sunshine, there are plenty of ways to stay healthy while vacationing in beautiful Naples, Florida.  Below are our top tips for experiencing a healthy vacation:

First, utilize your resorts spa to its fullest. For example, THE SPA at The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club offer many classes designed to relax, rejuvenate and restore your sense of balance, well-being, strength and flexibility. Within the scope of your rest and relaxation, use these as you see fit.

  • Meet Ginger Lavundi: Ginger, a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Bodyworker and Reiki Master directs the onsite Harmony and Living Programs. Her retreats for restoration, relaxation and renewal have been featured in Florida, Maine and Italy; and her presentations for guests and groups at the Resort are extremely popular.
  • Yoga: Use breathwork, postures and practices in a practical way to help strengthen and understand your mind and body. If you can, take advantage of private sessions and classes for varied ages and skill skills. Also, you can try Yoga on the Ball which will help build strength and flexibility, including abdominal stabilization using a large physio-ball.
  • Meditation: while enjoying your resort experience, also find some time to unwind the mind with meditation. The staff at The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club will teach you methods to calm your mind and relax your body.
  • Reiki: a technique of energy-balancing for health and well-being.
  • Personal Retreat: and if you can, make time to refresh and rejuvenate with an individual retreat where you engage in your own unique experience whenever you want. While on vacation, it’s the perfect way to learn new methods for wellness.

Second, Naples, Florida is arguably one of the world’s most amazing outdoor playgrounds. So use it to enjoy and stay healthy at the same time.

  • Walking or jogging on 7 miles of white sand beach: can you really get away with saying that a vigorous walk or run on the beach is exercise? Of course you can, while enjoying the sights and sounds of the Gulf of Mexico at the same time. And the best part is that if you get a little over heated, then just dive into the incurable refreshing waters of the Gulf.
  • Bike ride, Kayak and Paddleboard: for your convenience, you can rent bikes, kayaks and paddleboards at The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club. The scenery is breathtaking and the cardio benefits are the perfect way to stay fit while on vacation.
  • Swim: a wonderful benefit of Southwest Florida and the Gulf of Mexico is that the water is calm enough for a good swim, any time of the day. But if you prefer fresh water – or just want a break from the beach – head over to The Naples Beach Hotel multi-pool complex, just steps from the sand. The large recreational pool is perfect for play and exercise, while the smaller, more secluded, adult-only pool is just right for relaxing. The complex also includes two whirlpools and locker rooms.
  • Golf and Tennis: while on vacation, you can never go wrong fitness wise with a round of golf or game of tennis. The Naples Beach Hotels newly redesigned Jack Nicklaus championship golf course is open for all to come, enjoy and burn some calories. The course has been redesigned to challenge the best players but also enjoyable for all golfers.

As well, tennis can be a fun way to add a bit of variety and excitement to your exercise regime. Tennis as a form of exercise can help you do more than just burn calories; it helps to improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness – by burning fat and improving your cardiovascular fitness; speed through a series of side-to-side and up and back sprints to chase the ball; coordination – since you have to move into position and then adjust your upper body to hit the ball successfully; and flexibility – due to the constant stretching and maneuvering to return the ball toward your opponent.

The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club have six hydro-grid courts for your use. Private lessons and clinics are available for all skill levels.

Last, after the “exercise” and workouts, make sure you pamper and revitalize the body in the proper way. This is the perfect time to lean on a full range of spa services to help restore the essential connections between mind and body including:

  • A Massage: you know that post-massage feeling? Your mind is clear and your body is relaxed. All related stress just goes out the door; and who doesn’t want to reduce the stress in their life? Even a single massage session has been shown to significantly lower heart rate, cortisol and insulin levels – all of which help reduce daily stress. So do it! Especially if you’ve had an active day.
  • A Facial: though facials are commonly thought of as a form of pampering, the skin treatment is not simply a frivolous luxury. The many benefits that facials have on your skin make it a treatment worth investing in, whether you have your treatment done at a spa or do it yourself at home. A facial involves several steps that will improve the overall look and feel of your complexion. Try one while you are on vacation.
  • A body treatment: If you are into health, wellness and fitness there is a good chance that you have spent too much time in the sun, which can have some serious long term effects on your skin. Even if you diligently lather on sunscreen and moisturizer, your skin is still susceptible to damage. Don’t worry. You can prevent early signs of aging and improve the look and feel of your skin with full body spa treatments, not to mention it just feels good after a full day – or even a half day.

So, have we convinced you that you can remain “healthy” while taking that much needed vacation?  Vacations are a chance for everyone to not only improve their overall mental health, but to just to be together. Just try to picture brilliant blue waves lapping gently upon sands as soft and white as sugar at a beachfront Florida hotel in Naples; beach lovers and families setting up camp with myriad towels, chairs and umbrellas, whiling away hours basking in the sun, quietly reading a novel or splashing in the surf.  Then, when lying by the beach grows tiresome, there is golf, tennis, spa, incredible southwest Florida dining, and amazing downtown Naples.

Still not convinced that a Florida beach vacation is better than continuing with the work grind?  Then perhaps you are farther gone than we thought.

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