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Spring Break

Who doesn’t love spring break?  The very name speaks of everything that’s good in life: gorgeous weather after a long winter and a chance to get away from the everyday routine of work and school. Wouldn’t you agree there’s something especially sweet about leaving your snow-covered backyard for the beach and somewhere warm like Naples Florida?  Or if you’re further south and not dealing with snow, you might just be looking to avoid the swarms of college kids with a spring-break trip to a family-friendly destination.

Let’s be honest; if there was ever a time when families need to slow down and relax, it would be spring break 2017. You are likely trying to get the kids past that last hurdle of another school year. You just survived the most contentious presidential election in history. Plus, after entertaining lots of family and friends with holiday cheer during the Thanksgiving/ Christmas/New Year’s seasons, the back to work grind from January to spring break just seems exhausting, if not overwhelming. Spring break simply can’t get here fast enough; are we right?

So, as you begin planning where you and your family might escape to this spring break, we would suggest you look at a destination that is going to offer you plenty of opportunity for downtime.  Certainly it’s great if there are lots of things to do within walking distance of the hotel you choose, as is the case with the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club; but in order for everyone to feel rested and refreshed when you return home you’ll want to be sure there is something for everyone. In other words, for spring break you’ll want to find a place that offers what most family vacationers look for in a getaway:

  • A soft white sand beach
  • A calm, beautiful, relaxing ocean, like the Gulf of Mexico
  • Incredible sunsets
  • A beachside pool complex that is as much relaxing as perfect for the entire family
  • Championship golf designed for both the novice and the serious player
  • World-class SPA
  • Fitness Center
  • Beach Kids Club
  • Retail Shops
  • Multiple restaurant choices on site
  • Close proximity to a renowned shopping district
  • Easy access to local attractions

Don’t settle.

Make sure you’re going to get the greatest bang for the buck, and truly find the place that your family will talk about for years to come.  Remember, the best vacation destination will have something for everyone, on-site.

Last, and very important, make your spring break getaway plans early as the best hotels and resorts will fill up quickly.

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